How do we pilot?



The BeLocal Process is designed to accelerate the process of innovation through crowd sourced innovation. At this phase of the process, having done so, there is a pipeline of solutions all of which are potential candidates for testing. As our stated goal is to empower people to make their own lives better, those being served are welcome to participate in any phase they are able. However, the Process truly shifts the agency of change by insuring their participation in the three phases of Discover, Pilot, and Impact. In the Pilot step, the participation of those being served provides inexpensive validation as to the performance of solutions.

The local feedback is crucial to evaluate the likely adoption of such a solution if implemented. Furthermore, the performance data resulting from the pilot can help predict the impact on investment (ioi) that delivering such a solution may have. The selection of which solutions are piloted is a balance between prioritization based on local feedback, design, projected impact, funding, and practicality. While all the solutions may not get piloted, those that do already have a much better chance of success than the conjecture that is at the heart of traditional philanthropic organizations, that the solution they are proposing will work and be adopted by those they are trying to serve. For example, in Madagascar we have been told, much of the population is provided with mosquito netting to help prevent the disease and parasites that mosquitoes spread. However, mosquito netting is the strongest and finest netting that many of the villages ever own. As such, despite being covered in poisons intended for the mosquitos they are typically employed as either fishing nets or to shade the crops. This is an example of a valid solution deployed without proper agency. The solutions coming out of the BeLocal Process have been sourced by the people and are piloted by the people. By piloting the adoption of a solution, such as the mosquito netting as fishing nets or shades, the BeLocal Pilot stage would quickly identify solutions that are not yet ready for delivery and do so at a greatly reduced cost.