How do we impact?

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Having identified the solutions that are ready for adoption, the Impact stage is where BeLocal can begin to help people truly make their lives better.  BeLocal identifies, wherever possible, local individuals and organizations that can deliver these solutions. BeLocal identifies, and partners with, organizations capable of providing proper support and expertise to these local participants.  This support can come in many forms from investment capital, to business acumen, from training to service trips,. Whatever the form of support, the goal is to deliver the solution in a self-sustaining form, to insure its ongoing success and to, when possible, get synergistic effects that improves lives across the community.  The delivery of a solution must include a plan for recording the impact of the solution and the lessons learned. By doing so, the knowledge gained by the deployment of a solution can be leveraged in all steps of the BeLocal Process, improving the quality and rate of innovation for future solutions.