Finding Smarter Solutions, Together. 


Providing people in developing countries the power to leverage global,

crowd-sourced innovation to solve everyday challenges. 

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Let's start by asking people what they need.

Listen directly to the local population to intimately understand their daily challenges and cultural context. Meet with villagers to annotate data-rich everyday life stories of the local population in video, audio and text.

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Let's define the challenges together.

Crowd-source the identification of challenges described or observed in the collected data. Form problem statements that address the most compelling and greatest number of challenges.

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Let's find smarter solutions, together.

Crowd-source solutions that fit the local situation and can be self-sustaining. Satisfy local needs for performance, cost, materials, infrastructure, maintenance, environment, and culture.

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Let's try it out together and refine it.

Test and refine solutions with the initial engaged population and beyond. Rank the solutions based on performance and degree of adoption.

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Let's make an impact. Together.

Achieve self-sustaining impact by allowing local entrepreneurs or any willing organization to produce, market, and distribute the solution to local populations. Work with village resources to enable local manufacturing and production.

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